F Gas

ECSLA in principle supports the aims of the European Commission’s proposal for a Regulation on fluorinated Greenhouse gases (F Gas) with the aim to reduce the emissions of F Gases on a middle and long term perspective.

Therefore members of ECSLA, when investing in the construction of new Cold Stores and cooling systems, are opting wherever possible for cooling systems that operate with so called natural refrigerants like ammonia or CO2.

This fact notwithstanding and following the concept of sustainable development, it is essential to not only take environmental aspects but also economic facts into consideration when setting reduction targets especially for existing cooling systems.

However, the subsequently suggested amendments in Bas Eickhout’s, MEP (Greens/NL) draft report make serious threats to the entire food industry across the EU 27 and could have disastrous consequences not only on the economy of this sector but also on the safety  of consumers along the entire food chain.

Especially critical for the Industrial Refrigeration industry in this context are the proposed Amendments on:

·         The maintenance ban

·         The sequence of the phase down

·         The maximum leakage rate

For example, if the maintenance ban were adopted as proposed, the consequence for operators of cold stores could be to close down suddenly leading to the loss of jobs in the food industry and to serious disturbances of the food industry where certain production points could disappear or foodstuffs could no longer be stored and the quality of the stored foodstuffs could no longer be guaranteed.

ECSLA Position Paper

ECSLA Reaction to Draft Report