Publications & Projects

ICE-E: The EU project 'Improving Cold Storage Equipment in Europe' (ICE-E) aims to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from the European food cold storage sector through application of energy-efficient equipment choices in compliance with the EU’s energy and environmental policies.

It provides free information and tools to cold store operators, designers and users to help them reduce the energy consumption and carbon emissions from their stores. By using the information available, operators can discover how energy efficient their cold store is, find out how to reduce energy consumption and potential refrigerant leakage, and gain knowledge through training and education packages.
ECSLA is a member of the project steering group.

The European Logistics Platform (ELP) has been created to gather policy makers and industry stakeholders to collectively tackle the challenges of the logistics sector such as overstrained infrastructure, climate change, deployment of new technologies, risk management, trade barriers, customs processes and development of e-Commerce. 
ECSLA is a founding member of the platform.