ELP and ECSLA address migration crisis

At the eleventh event of the European Logistics Platform (ELP) in the European Parliament, around 40 EU policymakers and industry stakeholders came together to discuss the impact of the refugee crisis on transport and logistics in the EU. Russell Cowley, Managing Director Clan International and member UK ECSLA member FSDF, accepted the invitation to speak on behalf of ECSLA and to give an insider's view how the refugee crisis has impacted the business of a refrigerated transport company.

In his presentation Russell spoke about ‘How migration has impacted upon transport and logistics companies’ and focused on the practical impact of the refugee crisis on the operations of his company. Describing the need to diversify the operations of his business in order to guarantee integrity of transported goods and the safety of the truck drivers, he called for a common effort to mitigate the risks.

Other speakers were Michael Nielsen, General Delegate to the EU of the IRU, who focused on ‘Solutions to alleviate the negative impact on the sector' and Robert Missen, Head of Unit for Land and Maritime Security in the Commission's DG MOVE. He underlined that “the Commission is very aware of the impacts of this crisis on logistics, a sector which tends to go unnoticed by society until a crisis brings it to a halt. We want to make sure that transport keeps moving." Read the Press Release here