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Industry News October 2014

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EU aid for cheese closed

Online shopping

Ready meal market set to grow

Biggest Cold Store in Sweden

AGRO Merchants keeps expanding


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Thanks for attending the Autumn conference 2014 in Athens!
Thank you to all our participants for attending the ECSLA Autumn Cold Chain Conference in Athens. We would like to thank our hosts from the Greek Cold Storage and Logistics Associations for their open welcome and hospitality. A heartfelt thank you also goes to our sponsors! The event brought together representatives from the civil society and various institutions to discuss the recent developments on port logistics and cold supply chain. Check out below our coverage of the event!
Conference presentations 
Photo Gallery
Video coverage by Greek TV station MEGA Channel
    Association news
Wim van Bon honoured with ECSLA Penguin

ECSLA President Derk van Mackelenbergh (right) honoured former President and Board member Wim van Bon (left) for his dedicated service to ECSLA. The ECSLA Penguin for outstanding contribution to the industry was presented to Mr. van Bon during the Gala dinner in Athens. Mr. van Bon was President of ECSLA in 2005/06 and 2010/2011 as well as a member of the ECSLA Board of Directors for the past 25 years. His mandate will come to an end this year. Once again, dear Wim, thank you for your dedicated service and commitment! Click below to continue reading.

    EU News
EU Commission faces reshuffle before start of term

The last few weeks have been quite busy for the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) as they held long hearings to examine carefully each new Commissioner-designate before the new Commission is scheduled to take office in November. While a huge majority of soon-to-be Commissioners successfully passed the hearings, the Slovenian candidate for the Energy Union portfolio - Alenka Bratušek – did not pass a Committee vote after she failed to convince the MEPs she was the right person for the job. This resulted in Ms Bratušek withdrawing her candidacy and prompted a reshuffle of the portfolios. The Slovenian government has meanwhile nominated Violeta Bulc as replacement for Ms Bratušek. Ms Bulc is now set to switch responsibilities with the Slovakian candidate Maros Sefkovic and to take on the Transport portfolio. Mr Sefkovic in return is nominated for Vice-President and Energy Union. Click below for more information about the future structure of the European Commission

EU aid for private storage of cheese halted
This August, following the dramatic effects of the Russian ban on food from the EU, the European Commission launched an aid scheme to help producers to sustain the increased costs for private storage of fruit, vegetables and dairy - the sectors most immediately affected. However, only a month later, the Commission announced its intention to suspend the aid for private storage of cheese and perishable fruit and vegetables. The cause apparently is a disproportionate surge in claims and applications from regions not traditionally exporting significant quantities of cheese to Russia. While the aid scheme for cheese will probably not be opened again, the Commission promised to put forward more targeted market support measures for perishable fruit and vegetables. The private storage aid schemes for dairy products other than cheese remain open.
    Member news
Blokland Cold Stores nominated for the Business Success Award 2014

After receiving the royal designation Purveyor to the Royal Court - a distinction reserved for successful companies with more than 100 years of service and awarded by the Dutch Royal family - another award is the horizon for Blokland Cold Stores: Congratulations to our Dutch member for being nominated for the Business Success Award 2014 in the Netherlands. This competition is open for all companies listed with the Chamber of Commerce. An expert jury nominates the Top 5 companies according to internal guidelines – Blokland Cold Stores is nominated for the sector Cold Storage. The winners will be selected in December when during a special campaign a vote by sms will be organised. We keep our fingers crossed!

Kloosterboer to build biggest cold store in Sweden
Logistics service provider Kloosterboer has recently signed an agreement with food producer Findus to design and operate a fully automated high-rise cold store facility in Bjuv, Sweden. According to Kloosterboer, this will become the largest high-rise cold store in Sweden. The construction of the fully automated high-rise cold store with a capacity of 74,000 pallet places started in August 2013. Being built according to the latest sustainability standards, the expectations for the new facility are high: Due to the efficient and optimal building construction Kloosterboer expects to achieve 45% less energy consumption than in a conventional cold store.
    Product Showcase
Find the best fire prevention solution with Tyco

When considering fire prevention solutions for cold storage there are a number of possible solutions. There are passive, detection, hypoxic air and sprinkler options. Experts at Tyco Fire Protection Products is able to advice your company, on the best options for your application. Please click here for more information or email to tyco-coldstorage(at)tycoint.com

    Industry News
Online grocery shopping rises in the EU

According to a new market research report from SyndicatePlus, the number of Europeans ordering groceries online has increased 60% over the past five years. The report analyses the state of play of online grocery shopping in four countries: UK, France, Germany and Netherlands. However, in spite of its growth, right now only 8% of Europeans buy groceries online, accounting for a market share between 0.6% and 3.8% of the total grocery sales across the researched countries. The conclusions are quite interesting though: packaged food is more popular among online shoppers than perishable goods, and distance from the nearest supermarket does not seem to be factor. In fact, 62% of online shoppers declared that they could reach their favourite supermarket in maximum 10 minutes or less.

AGRO Merchants Group keeps expanding
This month, cold store and logistics group Agro Merchants has completed the acquisition of 3 cold store facilities across in the Netherlands. Coldstore Urk B.V. in Urk, Coldstore Wibaco B.V and Opticool B.V. – both located in Rotterdam – are now part of the growing global network of AGRO Merchants' cold store facilities. 
European ready meal market set to grow
A new research report from Food For Thought, an international food and drink consultancy based in Geneva, reveals that the European ready meal market has grown more than 14% in the past 5 years and is due to grow another 12% by 2016. According to this report, France, UK and Germany accounted for more than 60% of the ready meal spending last year. Spain followed with 12%, while each other European country did not account for more than 4%. The report also shows that nearly three-quarters of the ready meal market is dominated by frozen and chilled products. In terms of market shares, Nestlé confirms its position as top ready meal supplier with 9.4%, followed by Permira (5.1%) and Dr. Oetker (4.6%).