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Cold Facts - ECSLA Quarterly for Industry Relations
Cold Facts August 2013

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Stricter F-gas ban in the making

Welcome FSDF, APOL & ArolaFrig

Workers' Health & Safety survey

New management for ECSLA

Spain considers taxing F-gas

Showcase your product in Lisbon

BVBVK members awarded

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ECSLA Cold Facts

Herewith you receive the ECSLA Cold Facts. This is a quarterly, free publication for industry relations with a selection of industry news, information regarding legislation and updates on ECSLA events, activities and membership.

Join the ECSLA network

ECSLA offers membership to European national cold storage associations, individual public refrigerated warehouses, cold stores and logistics operators, and suppliers of products & services to the cold storage industry. Depending on the type of membership, members are offered many services like materials from events, industry data, online manuals, webinars, library and benchmarking. 
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ECSLA survey on Workers' Health & Safety

European cold store operators are requested to participate in a short survey regarding Workers' Health & Safety. Participants will receive a report with detailed results. The general outcome of the survey will be discussed in the Joint Council Meeting on September 16 in Lisbon. Participation is open to members and non members. Download the Excel questionnaire or go to the online version

White paper on automated storage and retrieval systems

High labor costs and low labor availability are two reasons why facilities are pursuing Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems. A new white paper by IARW entitled, "Application of Automation within a Public Refrigerated Warehouse" discusses the benefits, challenges, and considerations for implementing ASRS. Papers are available free of charge to members. Non-members may purchase white papers or bulletins. More

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New GCCA directory

ECSLA affiliate partner Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) has published the 2013-2014 Global Cold Chain Directory, which includes more than 550 pages of listings of cold chain providers from around the world. The publication is free for members and is also available online.

The European Cold Storage and Logistics Association (ECSLA) is the voice of the European cold storage industry. For more information about ECSLA, visit www.ecsla.eu.


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Under the heading "Energy efficiency and productivity of the workforce key in warehousing and cold storage" the 2013 ECSLA Fall Cold Chain Logistics Conference takes place in Lisbon/Portugal on September 16-17.

Speakers are, among others:
Francesco Fantoni Guerci/Italy (l): 'Passive RFID & active sensors: improve productivity and accuracy in shipping/transportation/receiving processes'
J.P. Joei/USA (m): 'Work Measurement: The key to workforce productivity improvement, planning and workload balancing'
Paul Pegg/UK (r): How employee engagement delivers improved productivity, innovation and customer service'

More information on the program, trade show, registration and accommodation is available on our website

    Trade Show

For suppliers to the cold storage, refrigerated warehousing and/or temperature-controlled distribution industry, the Lisbon conference offers a a modest trade show, where they can exhibit their products and services and meet with potential clients. 
Trade show places are limited and fees depend on stand location. More details

    EU News
EP ENVI Committee votes in favor of strict F-gas ban

The European Parliament’s Environment Committee has, just before the summer, voted for strict bans and a rapid and steep phase down schedule of F-gases. Arguments from different industry organizations, like ECSLA, that called for security of investment and an overall more realistic approach did not get a majority. The cold store industry criticised the outcome as technically and economically unreasonable.

Smarter rules for safer food
The European Commission has adopted a package of measures that should simplify and strenghten the agri-food chain in Europe. The current EU legislation covering the food chain consists of almost 70 pieces of legislation, the package of reform will cut this down to 5. The new proposal covers food, feed, live animalsplants and plant reproductive material. Also included are new regulations for official controls.
EU to improve port operations
The European Commission has launched an initiative to improve port operations and onward transport connections at key European seaports. The proposal will help port operators upgrade services and facilities, and give them more financial autonomy. EU ports are vital gateways to the rest of the world, but face some challenges: cargo volumes are expected to rise 50% by 2030 and there is a "performance gap" between ports that have adapted to new logistic and economic requirements and ports that have not.
Commission to recover € 180 million from members
A total of €180 million of EU agricultural policy funds is being claimed back by the European Commission from 15 member states. This money returns to the EU budget because of non-compliance with EU rules or inadequate control procedures on agricultural expenditure. Member states are responsible for paying out and checking expenditure under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
EFSA approves use of time-temperature indicator
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has approved the use of active materials to create a time-temperature indicator on packaging of chilled food. The system is based on a non-pathogenic micro-organism which is used together with a colour change indicator and a gel made of a nutritive medium. Depending on the time-temperature profile experienced by the system, the micro-organism grows and releases substances that cause a change of pH and consecutively a change of colour from green to red. This change is used to monitor whether the cold chain has been maintained.
    Association news
ECSLA Board selects Eamonn Bates

The ECSLA Board of Directors has selected the Brussels based company Eamonn Bates (www.eamonnbates.com) to be the organization to take over the management of the ECSLA association from Van Sambeeck Management Services/UEAPME. 

Food Storage & Distribution Federation joins ECSLA
The British Food Storage & Distribution Federation (www.fsdf.org.uk) has signed up for membership of ECSLA. The organization represents the interests of the entire UK food supply chain, from the large multi-nationals through to small storage operators as well as suppliers of equipment and services.
APOL and ArolaFrig new ECSLA affiliate partners
ECSLA has signed international affiliate association agreements with the Portuguese Association of Logistics (www.apol.pt) and the Romanian logistics and cold storage association ArolaFrig (www.arolafrig.ro). These organizations will within ECSLA respresent the cold chain industry in their countries and promote ECSLA and its activities among their members.
    Member news
Reed Boardall praised for use of double-deck trailers

Reed Boardall has been named ‘Fresh and Frozen Foods Haulier of the Year’ by Tesco supermarket. The company was praised for its service and use of high-capacity, double-deck trailers. Reed Boardall has the largest fleet of refrigerated double-deck trailers in the UK. The trailers allow 53% more product per load than in a standard refrigerated trailer.

BVBVK members awarded for sustainability efforts
Four members of the Belgian cold storage association BVBVK have been awarded the Lean and Green Award for their sustainability efforts. Colfridis, Frigologix, TDL Group and Norbert Dentressangle have all drawn up plans of action to reduce CO2 emissions in their transport and logistics activities with 20% in five years. The measures taken are diverse: installation of solar panels on warehouse, reducing commuting kilometers by staff, fleet renewal or monitoring tire pressure, etc.
    Industry News
Refrigerant consumption set to grow

Worldwide refrigerant consumption is set to grow from about € 7,6 billion last year to € 12 billion by 2018, with a compound annual growth rate of 6,9% from 2013 to 2018, according to a report by marketsandmarkets.com. Asia-Pacific accounted for around half of refrigerant demand in 2012, mainly due to rising demand for cooling products in China and India.

Spain considers tax on F-gases
Following recommendations by the European Union to increase the environmental tax burden, the Spanish parliament will consider a bill that would establish a tax on fluorinated gases. The tax would apply, as of January 2014, to fluorinated gases with Global Warming Potential (GWP) above 150, including hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). A tax deduction of €7 per kg for fluorinated greenhouse gas treated/destructed in accordance with waste legislation is also foreseen by the proposal.
Partnership Dentressangle and Danone in Russia
Norbert Dentressangle and Danone have entered into a 50/50 joint venture in Russia, which will provide temperature-controlled logistics and transport of fresh produce in the country. The new business, set to employ 300 people, will be responsible for all distribution of Danone’s dairy products within the country and help extend Norbert Dentressangle’s temperature-controlled logistics activities in Russia.