Workers' Health & Safety

There is increasing attention for workers' health and safety at a corporate level as well as with national institutions. Further, more legislation from Brussels on this issue can be expected.
As the logistics industry is facing too many accidents, it is very important for individual companies and for the industry as a whole to be aware of the risks for employees, learn how working conditions can be improved to decrease the number of incidents and to be informed about regulations and legislation.
The task force on Workers' Health & Safety works on a practical guide to help members to reduce the risks linked to cold store activities.

Valerie Lasserre
USNEF, France
Email: info(at)


Taskforce members:

Chris Sturman
Food Storage and Distribution Federation, United Kingdom
Email: info(at)  

Jean-Yves Chameyrat
STEF, France
Email: jean-yves.chameyrat(at)