Secretaries General Meeting

The Secretaries’ General meeting is a meeting of the Secretaries’ General of ECSLA National Association members. The meeting is held 4 times a year with the possibility of ad-hoc meetings, if deemed necessary.

Purpose of the meeting is general coordination between the ECSLA office in Brussels and the Secretaries’ General from the members. More specifically, coordination of the most important topics the National Associations are working on in relation to what is happening in Brussels, exchange of ideas and views but also an exchange of handbook, guidelines and new developments.

As one of the main bodies of ECSLA it determines the policy Priorities for the lobbying vis a vis the European Institutions.

Jan Peilnsteiner
VDKL, Germany
Email: info(at)

Vice Chairman
Valerie Lasserre
USNEF, France
Email: valerie.lasserre(at)